Kara Kennedy is president of Kimbrough Public Relations and owner of Inspired Southerner, LLC. She has an extensive background and career in public relations, media relations, social media, marketing, events marketing and events logistics.

Prior Professional Experience

Samford University

Previously and for more than 10 years, she served as the Director of Marketing and Communication for Samford University's Brock School of Business.  In this position, she was responsible for public relations, media relations, social media, events and events logistics for the business school.

Shortly after joining the Brock School of Business in June of 2007, she headed the PR team that implemented the successful strategy that branded the Samford School of Business, the Brock School of Business.

From 2015-2017, Kara served as Social Media Strategist for Samford University and was responsible for campus-wide social media initiatives, policies and monitoring.

American Red Cross National Office

Kara's experience also includes public relations, marketing, public affairs and fundraising for the American Red Cross National Office in Washington, DC.  After 9/11 she worked in disaster public affairs to help victims of the September 11 tragedy.  She also worked with the Red Cross Public Affairs team to help prepare the organization for Capitol Hill press conferences and hearings in the days following September 11.

Political Communications

Kara has a background working with political organizations on both sides of the aisle. Her early political work includes, working with Alabama Governor Guy Hunt’s campaign during his bid for a second term in office and then serving with Governor Hunt's administration through 1993.  She also worked in politics doing project work with The International Republican Institute and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Consulting & Kimbrough PR

After returning to her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama in 2006, Kara started a public relations consulting firm Kennedy Resource Development, and in 2015, she changed the name of her consulting firm to Kimbrough Public Relations.  In the spring of 2007 and prior to joining the Brock School of Business, Kara worked with the Gaffey Group of Atlanta, Georgia to bring the European Ambassador John Bruton to Alabama to meet with the Governor and other elected officials.

Education & Memberships

Kara has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Political Science from Auburn University.

Professionally, Kara is a board member of the Public Relations Society of America, Alabama Chapter and a member of the Business Council of Alabama.

She serves as the volunteer Executive Director for the North Jefferson Arts Alliance (formerly the Fultondale Arts Council) where she works with a volunteer board of directors to promote the arts in North Jefferson County, Alabama.

She also is an Auxiliary Board Member of the LoveLady Center.

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