We think the fastest way to learn is to start something and then start learning.

You might call this “learning by doing.”  That's kind of what we're talking about, but not exactly.

Energy in motion creates a force that drives you forward.

This is true in the physical world. And it's also true when you have a vision you want to make a reality.

A vision is just a dream until you take action, but once you take some type of action, the next action usually starts to become clear. Pretty soon, the path forward begins to appear.

Start. Learn. Grow.

Start Learn Co is about helping you start and grow your business and live your dream life through just-in-time learning.

Even if you're the type of person who likes to carefully read “instructions” before setting up your tent, installing a new app on your computer, or making that cool new gazpacho you also know that the instructions make a lot more sense when you're actually working with the thing or app or whatever.

To say it more like a prof:

The fastest learning occurs when you are actively engaged in the activity you're learning about. Doing while you learn means you have some contextual familiarity so that you can build on what you know, ask better questions, and target your learning energy at the parts that excite you or challenge you.

Energy, properly channeled, will produce momentum and generate more energy.

[We like energy….when it comes from the Source, there's an unlimited supply.]

Learning by Doing is How We're Doing It

We're take our own advice, too. Although the plans are to offer courses and resources across many interests and disciplines, as we launch in the Fall of 2017 we're starting with premium courses and free resources in two focus areas:

  • “Law school” for creative professionals
  • Digital marketing and SEO for business professionals like lawyers, CPAs, consultants, makers and creators, fitness and lifestyle coaches.

For starters, we'll be offering digital courses, live in-person workshops, live virtual training, and other resources in these two focus areas. Once the system is tested, refined as necessary, we plan to move into several other topical areas.

The Start Learn Co founder, Sheree Martin is a lawyer with more than 10 years experience as a practicing business lawyer, a former college professor, and a mediapreneur who has learned the ropes by taking action and learning by doing. If you're interested,  you can start to learn more about Sheree Martin on this bio page.