Brand Journalism, Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing

October 13, 2017By Sheree MartinMarketing No Comments

Brand journalism, content marketing and social media marketing are not interchangeable terms. Each requires a different mindset and, when implemented correctly, each will produce different short-term results. From marketing standpoint, the expectation and intention is that each will contribute to achieving specific goals you’ve defined in your strategic plan. Here’s a quick primer on the … Read More

Your Business Is A Media Company

October 11, 2017By Sheree MartinMarketing No Comments

Whether you’re a lawyer, an accountant, a machine shop or a highly-skilled woodworker, breadmaker or herbalist, you’re also a media company. Vulcan Security Systems in Birmingham, a B2B company, realized this and brought Sheree Martin onboard to develop a content marketing strategy for inbound leads with a focus on organic search. If you don’t realize … Read More