Whether you’re a lawyer, an accountant, a machine shop or a highly-skilled woodworker, breadmaker or herbalist, you’re also a media company.

Vulcan Security Systems in Birmingham, a B2B company, realized this and brought Sheree Martin onboard to develop a content marketing strategy for inbound leads with a focus on organic search.

If you don’t realize that you’re also a media company today, you’re probably marketing like it’s 1987 or, at best, 1997. If your website is the equivalent of a digital brochure, you have a problem.

Your website is your media empire.

Your website is your cable network, your radio station, your newspaper, your magazine. Notice I said your website, not your Facebook Page.

The social media and other internet channels you use (if any) are the distribution channels where you share, republish and repurpose the content you originally publish on your website.

One feature of the October 19 Florence workshop on Content SEO and Social Media Marketing, includes a detailed case study on how to implement a content and SEO strategy, supplemented with social media marketing using Sheree Martin’s marketing client, Vulcan Security Systems.

Registration is closing soon, so purchase your tickets today on Eventbrite for the Florence workshop on October 19, 1-4:30 p.m.

I've been working with Vulcan Security Systems on its content, SEO and social media strategy for about 20 months. Jason and I meet monthly and talk more frequently by phone to discuss objectives, strategies, tactical plans, and results of the key-performance indicators we’re monitoring.

I'll be sharing more about how we developed the initial strategy, a few examples of content published by Vulcan Security Systems, and the way the content supports the marketing strategies that are tied to specific business objectives.

The workshop is open to everyone (but there is an admission price, see link). Alabama lawyers can earn CLE credit:

This course or a portion thereof has been approved by the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Commission of Alabama for a maximum of 2.7 hours' credit.

Course Title: Content and Social Media Marketing for Professionals and Business Service Providers
Class ID: 191634

A Quick Look at Vulcan Security Systems

Vulcan Security Systems LLC is a Birmingham-based B2B service provider in the IP video security systems space. VSS focuses on IP video surveillance systems installations and monitoring, but also offers value-added management consulting services to troubleshoot problems in existing systems.

The CEO of Vulcan Security Systems, Jason Maddox, heard Sheree speak at a Birmingham workshop on using Twitter for business back in 2013. In early 2016, Jason retained Sheree to develop a content strategy for the company.Jason Maddox, President of Vulcan Security Systems LLC, Birmingham Alabama

The business objective was to improve the company’s presence in organic search results for generating warm leads.

The plan started with a few pieces of new content and a deep-dive into understanding the ideal customers and clients Vulcan Security Systems wanted to attract through the online presence. While developing the content focus, we paused the content publication schedule briefly in early May 2016 for a comprehensive website makeover with a focus on responsive website design. The Vulcan Security Systems site is built on the WordPress platform using a theme from StudioPress.

With the updated website design completed, Jason gave the greenlight on the initial content strategy for Summer 2016 focus. That strategy emphasized a series of articles on the website, combined with a slide presentation on Slideshare, an on-demand video webinar and an audio interview as a sponsored content episode of the Ignite Alabama podcast. This content was shared in various forms across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Eventbrite link to purchase tickets to the live workshop in Florence:

Here are two examples of the type of media content we create for Vulcan Security Systems, other than traditional text-focused blog posts and website articles. We'll share more details at the Florence workshop.

Sponsored Content Episode on Ignite Alabama Podcast

Webinar Style Video Published on Website & YouTube

Bonus link to one page on the VSS website showing how this video was incorporated into the website content for SEO value.

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